Meet The Dream Team

Our Mission

Little Dreamers is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing dreams to children (Ages 0-12) who often miss out on childhood opportunities due to disease or once struggled with a medical condition. We hope to inspire the children and families to never stop dreaming.


We, Heather and Michael, are very happy and honored to have Little Dreamers be a part of this world. After our son was born in 2011 we quickly realized that life is now going to be a little different. We were excited for the changes and anxious to see what happens each and every day. It wasn’t long before we realized that life was going to be a little bit more different than expected.

Soon enough we were deeply involved with professionals who could help our son with new obstacles and also prepare him and help him adapt in this world. By age 2 he was diagnosed with Autism. High functioning but yet certain things just seemed to be more difficult. We were fortunate enough to live in a state where we had access to top professionals and hospitals. Along the way he had other medical concerns that would result in surgeries and various tests. By age 2 ½ he spent most of his life in hospitals for tests (Neurological, eating, speech, etc.) and we were not seeing the happy spark in his eye anymore because each day was a certain routine that involved treatment, therapies, medical professionals, hospital trips, and much more. Children’s routines are not meant to be that.

So, around that age of 2 ½ we took our son to Disney World and we couldn’t have been happier to see our boy with that spark. That joy. That feeling he was finally able to have after missing it for so long. That feeling that children should feel more often than not.

It was at that time we decided to make this happen for children across the country that has had similar experiences where they couldn’t be just a young child. To be a kid.

We want to remind them that childhood is fun. We also want their families to see more smiles on their faces and just enjoy watching them do something else, something that takes their minds away from it all.

We are not just here for the ones struggling, we are here for the ones that once struggled and are now able to be that kid again with hopes that they will never struggle again. We want to help them get that boost to their new FUN routine.

There are many charities out there that will help families with expenses and ones that will help children with a terminally-ill disease but we recognize there are many children being left out and we are here for them and for you.